Car Backwheel

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Racing might not be surprising anymore for experienced players like you. You've taken part in various competitions, but trust me, in the game Car Backwheel, you're in for something unique. The race can't start because the car has lost one wheel. It's completely helpless, stuck at the starting line without moving. Your task is to find and roll a wheel for it. Turns out, it's a crucial part of the car without which it can't move. The wheel will need to overcome numerous obstacles to reach its car. Help it jump over gaps, tip over boxes to climb onto high platforms, and collect coins along the way.

Start the game.
Use arrow keys or on-screen controls to move the wheel.
Jump over gaps by pressing the jump button.
Push boxes to reach higher platforms.
Collect coins for points.
Reach the car to complete the level.
Repeat for more challenges and levels.
Have fun helping the wheel!


Action Racing & Driving


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