Tomb Runner

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This worldwide phenomenon of a game captured everyone's attention from the day it launched. As an adventurer, your goal is to run as fast as you can, collecting coins while dodging monsters chasing you. As you earn more points, you can unlock new runners. Your mission as an adventurer is to find hidden treasure and escape from the tomb, but the guardians won’t make it easy. You'll get hooked sliding under tight spaces, making high jumps over broken bridges, and taking sharp turns in your endless run. As you advance, your speed increases and the challenges become deadlier. Use your coins to buy new characters and equipment to help you on your quest!

Start the game.
Use arrow keys or swipe on the screen to move your adventurer.
Collect coins while avoiding monsters.
Slide under obstacles, jump over gaps, and make sharp turns.
Progress through levels to increase speed and difficulty.
Use coins to unlock new characters and equipment.
Keep running and have fun!


Action Adventure


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