Duck Hunter

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Duck Hunt is a free hunting game where you shoot ducks startled by your trusty dog. It's a classic experience from the early days of gaming, where players wielded the Zapper to take aim at pixelated ducks flying across the screen. This online duck hunting game is a fan-made remake inspired by the popular Nintendo game of the same name. Relive the thrill of chasing those zig-zagging ducks and feel the frustration of the giggling dog when you miss your shots. Progress through the game's various seasons and take down flying fowl. Whether you become a skilled digital hunter or not, enjoy the excitement of Duck Hunt and give those airborne quacks something to talk about!

Start the game.
Use your mouse to aim.
Click to shoot at the ducks.
Avoid shooting the dog.
Try to hit as many ducks as possible.
Progress through different levels and seasons.
Have fun hunting!


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